Why I do what I do

Starting this blog was a change in mindset for me. It also appears to be an ongoing journey which I learn from daily.

I’ve obsessed over my career ever since I started work after I graduated from Uni – the next project, the next promotion, the next challenge. I knew what I wanted, but hadn’t thought enough about ‘why’?

Along the way, I’ve become a dad and husband. I’ve become responsible for more people at work and leading on marketing strategy. I have close friendships with people I’ve known for a long time and I’ve understood what friendship truly means. I’ve focused on and understood more about the areas of my life that have brought significant challenge – particularly being diagnosed with anxiety and working through that to a point where I am in control of it – most of the time.

I think I have a lot to share and it’s about time I started doing it. I don’t have to make a difference to many (but it would be great if I could) – I am happy if I make a difference to just a small number of people, even one person. Because if we all made a difference to one person, then that might be the way we make the changes we are looking for.

So – why?

I want to change the way people support, understand and communicate with each other. Because I think if we are better at this, then we can all be exceptional.

And beyond this…

I do this entirely for my children. So I have a very clear goal and a very clear way of measuring it. What will I have achieved on the above by the time my two sons are adults AND what will they think of me as a dad. The clock is ticking. Always.

I believe we have to do things differently and now is the time.

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