Alcohol and anxiety

In December I was out a lot – office parties, team parties, nights out with friends back home for the xmas break – you get the idea.

That’s a lot of nights out – especially when having two young children has meant that nights out have been few and far between in 2016.

I’ve drank alcohol at all of them – partly that’s to cover up my anxiety around lots of people – but I am partial to a drink when the opportunity presents!

I’ve definitely noticed that the symptoms I experience with anxiety are massively present the day after and as the month has gone on those symptoms have gradually got worse. There are no obvious triggers in these instances – just the physical and mental symptoms being present. I actually then get anxious about being anxious – because I don’t even know why I feel like I do (when normally I would be able to work it out).

Actually that’s not a great insight – google ‘alcohol and anxiety’ and it’s fairly common knowledge that alcohol has some down sides relating to this.

But it served as a reminder to me – that to keep my mental health in good shape alcohol should be avoided. That doesn’t mean I won’t have a drink – but those big nights out in 2017 need to be far fewer and more sensible.

I’d rather prioritise a more balanced 2017 than those one off, short term highs, followed by incredible lows that alcohol brings.

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