2017 – being present, saying no and just getting on with it

I had written out a full list of things I wanted to do in 2017. I had everything planned out in my head and an action plan for each point. People who know me will not be surprised by this.

And then I read this post from @Lizzo010 and also had similar advice from @MindlessMuso and @kay_ska on #NYEveChat at the end of 2016.

It reminded me that 2016 was very very busy and challenging – and one of the biggest challenges was my expectations on what I should have achieved and being way too hard on myself (which just added to overall stress and anxiety levels).

So with those thoughts, the advice I’ve received or read and also from reading ‘Act like a leader, think like a leader’ (not finished yet) this is what I’ve simplified my expectations for 2017 to…

  • I am going to be present and enjoy every moment.
  • I’m going to say no and not try and do everything. Which means I will be more focused on the things that matter to me.
  • I’m going to stop thinking and over thinking the things I want to do and just do them.

Incredibly uncomfortable with the lack of planning – but 2017 is going to be the year I do things differently.

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